To do more for the world than the world does for you, that is success.” - Henry Ford

From a young age my parents always taught me the importance of my physical health, encouraging me to play sports and to avoid eating junk food (which never worked as a kid). I've always understood the importance of my own personal health, but I never recognized the importance of the health of my peers and people all around the world until COVID-19.

Experiencing the detrimental effects of COVID-19 gave me a life-changing insight that drives the work I do today: human health is a globally interconnected system that must be constantly improved and maintained in order for us to not only sustain as a species, but improve all other areas of our lives.

In a time of global unprecedented weakness and vulnerability, I wanted to make a positive impact in any way I could for the countless people that were affected. It was also at this time I grew interest in design as it allowed me communicate my creative ideas to positively impact others. I started to make flyers and social media posts for local healthcare businesses to promote safe and healthy practices.

Coming to university, I was able to explore and challenge my design thinking more critically. After taking a course called Human-Centered Systems, I grew a heavy interest within the field of product design and UI/UX. I found that I was able to integrate my knowledge of design with technology, to positively impact people and change lives.

One of my goals is to design digital products and experiences that improve physical and mental health of individuals on a global and individual scale. During the past academic year, I’ve been pursuing projects that address issues within the health care space today:

          • RecoverEasy: an app that helps individuals that suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD) control their drinking habits and take control of their lives
          • NourishPal: an app that helps individuals that suffer from eating disorders improve their dieting habits and overall well-being
          • SleepStreak, an app that helps college students that suffer from sleep deprivation maintain a healthy sleep schedule throughout the school year.  

My passion and interest for product design is not only stemmed from my creative experience, but for its significant potential and limitless application to improving the lives of others.