Fun design projects
web development

Explore how I designed Pennsylvania Gamma's chapter of SigEp's website, one of the most distinguished fraternities at the University of Pittsburgh.

Key Purposes:

        • Increase alumni outreach for donations
        • Cntact page for professional inquiries
        • Display chapter information & news

Explore how I designed Splash Bro's Detailing's website, a car detailing business in Pittsburgh PA, to drive sales and customer retention.

Key Purposes:

        • Embedded appointment booker
        • Contact page for customers
        • Branding and logo
video editing
◇ Plura advertisement - Adobe After effects
◇ Mr. Party

Rebranding video for Mr. Party, an app that introduces a new way to listen to music based on proximity.
◇ Sigma Phi Epsilon - Adobe Premiere Pro
Graphic Design
◇ Social Media Graphics - Adobe photoshop & illustrator
◇ Logos
Sigma Phi Epsilon Logo for Penn Gamma Chapter at the University of Pittsburgh
digital marketing
◇ social media

TikTok's rise to global popularity has created a massive online space for creative minds to share their work to the world. futbol.ecstasy was where I shared my video content, learned to create a brand, and drive online engagement.

Software Used

        • Adobe Premiere Pro
        • Adobe After Effects

software / tools
Adobe Premiere Pro is the main software I use for video editing. It allows for seamless production and execution of simple and complex video editing.
Adobe After Effects helped me add the finishing touches to the video, things like color correction, VFX, and motion tracking.
SEO methods
1) Keywords:
Included in the description are trending words, events, and relevant hashtags. Hashtags included players names, professional leagues, and teams to direct the content to my target audience.

2) Sounds:
Using viral audio sounds embedded within the video increases accessibility to my videos. This increases traffic for people who viewed another video with the same audio.

3) Freshness:
Optimizing the content from recent games or events within professional soccer. Tiktok's algorithm targets new content which was vital for driving user engagement.
Data analysis
Utilizing the data from my account based on follower activity, I was able to pinpoint times of the day that my followers are most active. This way, I was able to maximize views by posting at that exact time.
SocialPilot was an important resource to identify specific times of day that the general public uses TikTok. My posting schedule is also based on these updates provided by SocialPilot.